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General terms of participation of the “HEAD JOIN THE BEST” Promotion

The “HEAD Join the Best” Promotion starts on August 15th 2016 and will end on September 15th 2016.

The competition is open to anyone, except for employees of HEAD and employees of involved companies. The winners will be drawn after September 15th and will be informed by e-mail. There will be no correspondence in connection with the competition.

Course of Competition

The “HEAD Join the Best” Promotion offers participants to win HEAD products. Participants need to answer three questions and then enter their email address in order to enter the prize draw. Amongst all participants we will raffle great prizes:


  1. Two main winners
    1 x Graphene XT Speed racquet signed by Novak Djokovic
    1 x Graphene XT Radical racquet signed by Andy Murray

  2. 6 winners.
    Each wins a Head product package, including:
    1 x Nitro Pro tennis shoe
    1 x HEAD 9R Supercombi bag or Backpack
    1 x Radical or Speed racquet according to quiz selection

Area of Application

Acceptance agreement is made on these terms and conditions upon registration to participate in the game. Registration for and participation in this competition under conditions other than those stated in these General Terms and Conditions are excluded. In the event of contradictions or inconsistencies between the Rules “Sweepstake” and these General Terms and Conditions, only the latter apply.

Registration and Participation in the Promotion

Upon registration, participants are subject to the preconditions for enrolment. Registration is compulsory for participation in the promotion.

The following data must be submitted completely and correctly upon registration: e-mail address. Upon registration participants guarantee the accuracy and actuality of all information and are obliged to give notification of any change to their personal information. Participants giving, or found to have given false information or false identity, may be excluded from participating in the promotion. Due to national law, Italian participants are excluded from the prize drawing.

Winner Announcement and participation

The winners will be drawn non-officially and will be notified per e-mail.

The information you enter will be used exclusively for the “HEAD Join the Best” Promotion. The participation happens via head.com.

Data Protection Agreement

Participants take note and agree to automated collection and recording, storage and processing of their personal data in compliance with the Austrian Data Protection Law and the EU Data Directive. Participants expressly consent to the collection, storage and processing of all personal data entered, in particular their email address.

The game's operator and/or third-party contractors are entitled to process personal data of participants inside and outside of Austria, in so far as, and as long as this is necessary for operating and running the game, establishing an (Internet-)connection, or for the operator's own use with regard to any CRM (customer relationship management) purposes.

Participants in the game take note of, and agree, that they may revoke their consent to participate, in writing at any time.

The game's operator shall use the data collected exclusively for the purpose of this game as well as for marketing purposes, and is bound to their confidential handling. None of this personal data may be transmitted, duplicated or combined with other personal data, without the prior consent of the game participant.

Costs and Compensation

The participation in the “HEAD Join the Best” Promotion is free of charges and fees. Participants bear no costs other than those incurred by connecting to the Internet (telephone and provider costs etc.) by participating in the game.

Liability and Rights

The operator of the website and the game is not legally liable for any damage occurring by participating in this promotion.

Due to the technical particularities and properties of the Internet or World Wide Web, it is not possible to exclude technical glitches altogether. The promotion’s operator assumes no liability and guarantee for permanent availability and/or trouble-free function of the website offered. In particular this implies that no legal liability is assumed for any damage that might ensue from technical malfunctioning in connection with the accessibility and availability of the website.

The promotion’s operator assumes no legal liability for indirect or consequential damages, nor for profit or data lost, for whatever reason. In the case, that in spite of the regulations stated above, it should happen that the promotion’s operator is legally liable, his liability is in any case restricted to damages resulting from wilful or culpable negligence. Liability for damage resulting from non-culpable negligence is excluded in any case.

§ 14 Place of Jurisdiction and Applied Law

Joint agreement is made between the parties to this contract that no recourse to legal action is permitted.

Any dispute with regard to the usage or the operation of the game shall be the exclusive competency of the Court of Korneuburg, Austria.

It is expressly stated that this contract and all legal implications arising in connection with the game, in particular between the game's operator and the participants, are subject to Austrian law.